Emmanuel P. Girragossian :

In the mid-1970s, Emmanuel went  to study at the Fine Arts Academy in Dresden in East Germany where he was awarded a full scholarship. He eventually gained a doctorate in Anatomy in Art. It was an experience, he says, that gave the aspiring artist a solid foundation upon which he would eventually build a successful career.

Guiragossian returned home at the age of 24 and taught at a number of art institutes in Beirut, including the American University of Beirut and ALBA. Early in 1982, he travelled to Canada to supervise three separate exhibitions of his work and was unable to return to Lebanon because of the Israeli invasion. Soon after, he joined AR Penck and other artists at a colony Penck had set up in a former monastery in Heinbach in Germany. Guiragossian spent the next few years traveling between Lebanon and Germany before moving to Jordan and setting up a workshop and teaching there.

These days, Guiragossian is back in Lebanon. He has set up a carpenters' workshop where he designs furniture and has it made by master carpenters and has also established an art school that is attended by students of all ages. An even more ambitious project has been establishing the Paul Guiragossian museum.
Emmanuel Guiragossian is, like his father, painting figures at the moment, though, unlike in his father's paintings, these figures involve more of "the abstraction of the anatomy of the human body" rather than its outlines. The figures appear to curve against and lean into one another not in desperation, but in recognition of a common goal. Guiragossian's imagination has been stirred by recent events in Lebanon and the mass demonstrations that have been taking place. People and figures, he says, are everywhere, and he wants to depict that reality and the passion that arises from it. He hopes to include this series in a future exhibition. In the meantime, he continues to teach and to paint and to try to preserve the memory of Paul Guiragossian, a task which he defines as "only a continuation" of the latter's work.

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