Exhibitions - Biennale :  

The New Testement,
Painting on Silk 120 X 120 cm


Baalbeck Festival,
Painting on Silk 100 X 100 cm


Participation in 1ab mob_lab
the First International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam
May 7 to July 7, 2003


Personal Analogy
It is a personal experience that I often face behind my windshield on my way to work.Notre Dame University, Louaize, Lebanon
Project, The theme was a visual essay.
I reached these 4 analogies out of my personal experience:
The: 1st represents the rain on the road.
The: 2nd represent a strike.
The: 3rd represent a deviation in the road.
The: 4th represent school buses.

Expression of Surroundings
It is a translation & expression of reaction to the surrounding, graphically by comparing two sides of the highway the busy sides in hot colors and develops a mood of disquiet, excitement, energy, crowd, shopping & living areas. Whereas the sea side the colors are cool, calm and peaceful which is just the contrary.
Useless bridge
A bridge to the highway and in the heart of Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon.
All the criticism seems insufficient for explaining the intensity of opposition directed toward this bridge, for it splits the neighborhood into two parts.
The most stressful part is that some buildings are collapsing because of the inaccurate digging plans; moreover this bridge is poisoning people's time, money, privacy, hygiene and security.
I am not against the design of the bridge itself, but against the placement,
for it is useless .

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