Saliba Douaihy
His talent was such that the Lebanese government took an interest in him and sent him to Paris in 1932, where he completed his training and developed his contacts with the new European schools. In 1936, as a graduate from the National School of Fine Arts, he left for Rome.
    Early work        
But to speak of Douaihy's art is to speak of his "country" pictures which he produced at a deliberately slow pace, right in the midst of nature. They show young girls and peaceful village women spinning wool in front of their houses, peasants digging the earth in the ravines and distilling araq ("The Still"). The women's faces and their villagers' clothes are struck by the reflexions of light broken down and diffused by the branches of the trees. Men appear with their tanned complexions, burned by the hot sun. All these faces are pure Lebanese faces and the nature depicted here is that of Lebanon.
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