Omar Onsi :

Omar El Ounsi, was born in 1901 in Beirut. Ounsi’s life’s stages inspired his work, where every era birthed a different theme reflected in his works. El Ounsi was one of the pioneers in modern Lebanese art, liberating the canvas from its old inhibited, formal, rigid self, and breaking the norms with his palette’s vibrant and uncustomary colors.
In the period spanning from 1901 to 1922, Onsi engaged in his studies in Beirut and developed his talents under the guidance of his mentor and teacher Khalil Saleeby.

1922 to 1927, El Ounsi is invited to Jordan by his cousin. There, King Abdallah the First requested he teach the Crown Prince the English language. It was there that El Ounsi began translating his view of life in the Jordanian desert onto his canvas, painting the desert, its camels, gazelles, tents, the Bedouins, and the Prince Al-Amir Talal.
In 1927, Omar move to Paris where he studied at the “Institue Julien”. There, he meets a sculptor Youssef El-Houwayyek one of his closest friend. It was in Paris also that he married his first wife, Ema, which died shortly afterwards bearing him no children. During that period (1927-1930), El Ounsi focused on painting portraits, nudes, and Parisian scenery.
After the loss of his spouse, El-Ounsi travels to al Suwayda in Syria in 1930 for thought and meditation. There, he portrayed the harshness of nature influenced by his emotions of sorrow and mourning.
In 1933 El Ounsi returned to Beirut, with his second French wife, which she paved the way for El Ounsi to focus solely on his works of art: the Lebanese landscape. (Kesserwan, Mayrouba, Ain Zahalta, Bekaa, Ramlet El Baida, Tallet El Khayat).

Ounsi died in 1969 amidst his family, leaving behind a legacy of vibrant, colorful art which the Lebanese warmly appreciated.

Old woman, Watercolors
50 x 35 cm
Untitled, Watercolors
40 x 60 cm
Bathing woman, Watercolors
50 x 35 cm
Untitled, Colored pencils
50 x 35 cm
Village woman, Watercolors
50 x 35 cm
River, Watercolors
30 x 46 cm
Baking, Watercolors
35 x 50 cm
Marocan Village
35 x 57 cm

Baking woman, Watercolors
36 x 49 cm

Village square, Watercolors
54 x 48 cm
Village Bassin, Watercolors
54 x 75 cm

Untitled, Watercolors
80 x 100 cm
1 - 2
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