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Art-In-Lebanon is the pioneer when it comes to promoting Lebanese art and artists in events, exhibitions, and online. This project is a branch of Retouch s.a.r.l. and John D. Raidy, was birthed for the aim of including all Lebanese artists and their art under one title and in one archive:
(www.art-in-lebanon.com & www.artinlebanon.com)
So far, the project has grown to include most masterpieces of art by legendary Lebanese artists, and it is still growing to include other artists, especially new talents.
We strive to restore Lebanon to its former glory, not only through lso by trying to revive the art and masterpiece market in Lebanon, between local artists and the rest of the world. In addition to this, it is in our firm betrying to spark artistic interest and talent, but alief that Art is what separates man from beast, and that it is the most comprehensive way of expressing emotions and thoughts. However, one usually characterizes art as what is drawn or painted, but we at Art-In-Lebanon feel that we should take art to the next level, and have embraced the 21st century and have portrayed our passion for Art and our desire to promote it through our online services and capabilities as well as interactive CDs which are a first of their kind in Lebanon.
We have faith in the future of art and in the preservation of old masterpeices, and so far, we have been successful in our mission. For after starting off with humble beginnings, Art-In-Lebanon's capabilities have grown, not only through the overwhelming hits it has had on the Art-In-Lebanon.com online page, but also through the support it has received from many organizations and businesses as well as individuals on its mission. Now, we set our hopes higher, as high as promoting and encouraging new artists and even higher, where we hope to achieve higher success, for the sake of art and artists in Lebanon.


  Missak Terzian
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